This course is at — International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon

Silent Retreat
A continuation of The Joy of Concentration

Kelsang Tabkay

Taught by Kelsang Tabkay

March 7th - 10th

This is the final part of a three-part training in concentration.

Part 1, Attend the Concentration course
It is being offered in

Part 2, Take the 7 Week Meditation Challenge!
From the time you take the course until March 7th

During the concentration course, students will receive instructions to participate in an optional seven-week daily meditation training at home.

Part 3, Training in Concentration Silent Retreat
March 7th - 10th

$195 - $400 depending on accommodations

​Those who complete the day course (Part 1) and the home training (Part 2) will be eligible to participate in a delightful silent meditation retreat March 7 – 10 at the International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon in Williams, AZ. Participants can choose single or shared on-site accommodations. Meals provided.

Perfect retreat conditions! Don't miss!

Registration is being handled by KMC Phoenix and is now open! Click here for the registration form.

Location ~ IKRC Grand Canyon

International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon

6701 East Mountain Ranch Road
Williams, AZ 86046

Tips on getting here

Fly to Phoenix (cheaper) or Flagstaff (closer). Or take a beautiful drive through the Colorado Rockies and the Utah desert. Visit their website for advice on getting there: https://www.meditationinnorthe...

Retreat is a time to set aside our ordinary activities for the purpose of focusing on a particular spiritual practice.

Except as indicated, all retreats are open to everyone. Beginners may prefer the guided retreats, but are welcome to participate in unguided retreats as well.

Questions? Please call 970.482.7613 or email: